2018-307 Cricket

2018.307 Cricket-LP-2307-3x5.jpg
2018.307 Cricket-LP-2307.jpg
2018.307 Cricket-LP-2307-3x5.jpg
2018.307 Cricket-LP-2307.jpg

2018-307 Cricket


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Teacher: Lynn Payette
Class days: February 19-20, 2018 (Monday-Tuesday)
Style: Mixed Media, Multi Fibe
Skill level: Basic to Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 4 ¼”  x  8 ½”. 
Ground: White Congress cloth
Prework: NONE required.
Color Choice: None

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“Cricket” is a piece that mixes fabrics, fibers, stitches, beading, and stumpwork techniques.  The leaves in Cricket” are created using layers of sheer fabrics that are over-embellished with rayon and metallic threads,  flosses and pearl cottons.  These fabrics are manipulated so that creases are formed in them as they are applied to the ground fabric, to give the ‘feeling’ of the linear veins in the leaves.  Wonder Under (a fusible interfacing) is also used to apply the sheers.  Emphasis will be on creating cast shadows by using several different shades of the green fabrics, fibers, and threads for the leaves.

“Cricket” is first padded using several layers and shapes of felt that are stitched on and stuffed.  “Cricket” is then beaded over the felt with a variety of different colors and types of beads, as well as several different stitches and techniques.  These will include:  couching, single stitch, stacked single stitch, back stitch, buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, lazy stitch, layering of beads, and edgings.  “Cricket” will be very dimensional.  The student will make his or her own decisions as to where the beads (both colors and types) will be placed, and what stitch will be used for the application. 

“Cricket’s” legs will formed using a wire armature, and a wrapping technique.  They will be applied after the leaves have been completed. 

The background of ‘Cricket’ is stitched in random pattern darning using pearl cottons and metallic threads.

Emphasis will be on creating ‘cast shadows’ and dimension with stitches, techniques, color placement, and padding.  Emphasis will also be on the stitches and techniques used in the application and over-embellishment of sheers, and on a variety of beading techniques.

Kit Contents: Complete instructions and a color copy of the piece, all fibers, threads, beads, and fabrics necessary to complete the piece, wire, felt, cotton for stuffing, Congress cloth – with motif pre-drawn, Wonder Under.

Student Supplies: Stretcher bars – (2) 9” and (2) 13”; tacks to mount Congress cloth; small sharp scissors; old scissors or wire cutters (for snipping wire); needles - #7 and/or #8 crewel, #22 and #18 Chenille, #22 Tapestry; beading needles (note - bring several of each type needle); pencil; beeswax; invisible thread; glue stick (not the blue type).