2018-205 Dragonfly & Cattails

2018.205 Dragonfly & Cattails-MK-2273.jpg
2018.205 Dragonfly & Cattails-MK-2273.jpg

2018-205 Dragonfly & Cattails


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Teacher:  Margaret Kinsey
Class days: February 17-18, 2018 (Saturday-Sunday)
Style: Silk and Metal Embroidery
Skill level: All levels
Finished Design Size: 5.5” X8.5” X 1”
Ground: Silk Shantung
Prework: NONE required.
Color Choice: None

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When one is near a marshy area in late summer/early autumn in our state, one sees the elegant dragonflies in abundance. They love these marshy places for breeding and survival. Dragonflies have fascinated artists since early times. We find them in carvings, textiles, jewelry, decorating furniture, paintings, and subjects of poetry. Myths and legends about dragonflies abound. Come join us and create this beautiful golden dragonfly using 3 sizes purls, metal wire thread, metallic organza, and Japan metallic threads. Brick pattern couching technique, diagonal satin stitch, and French Filling stitch, colored wire purls using chipping technique over padding. The background fabric is silk shantung. Student will learn to assemble the frame and transfer the design to the fabric, and dress the frame in the traditional western culture style. This is a beginning silk and metal thread exercise.

Kit Contents: Everything necessary to complete the project.

Student Supplies: 10" by 12" Stretcher Bars | a clamp, a sand bag or your preference |Scissors for cutting silk | Scissors for cutting metal Scissors for cutting felt, ribbon, paper and cord | Fine Pointed Tweezers | Needle threaders 1. A fine wire one for fine needles’ eyes 2. A regular tapestry needle threader | Beeswax – not Thread Heaven – good quality beeswax can be found in bead shops, and fine needlework stores | Thumb tacks or a staple gun and staples | Ruler 6” see-through clear plastic | Notebook and pencil for note taking | 2H Pencils for pattern making