2018-303 Summer Serenade CANCELLED

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2018.303 Summer Serenade-CC-2299.jpg
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2018-303 Summer Serenade CANCELLED


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Teacher:  Celeste Chalasani
Class days: February 19-20, 2018 (Monday-Tuesday)
Style: Stumpwork
Skill level: Basic to Basic-Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 5” x 6”. 
Ground: Silk Shantung
Prework: NONE needed.
Flower Choice: None

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Sweet living in the summer time! Imagine a warm summer morning, with juicy blackberries glistening in the sun. Bees buzz on their search for nectar while a caterpillar lazily crawls along a stem. This Stumpwork class brings this vision to life as students learn and practice a variety of dimensional stitches and padding techniques.

Kit Contents: Instructions, silk shantung, cotton fabric, stranded cotton thread, pearl cotton, beads, felt, needles.

Student Supplies: 12” x 12” Evertite frame or stretcher bars, OR 8- 1/2” embroidery hoop; cream colored sewing thread; masking tape; needle threader; scissors for cutting paper and felt; usual stitching supplies. Magnification is highly recommended.