2018-304 Under a Copper Moon

2018.304 Under a Copper Moon-TG-2321-3x5.jpg
2018.304 Under a Copper Moon-TG-2321.jpg
2018.304 Under a Copper Moon-TG-2321-3x5.jpg
2018.304 Under a Copper Moon-TG-2321.jpg

2018-304 Under a Copper Moon


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Teacher: Toni Gerdes
Class days: February 19-20, 2018 (Monday-Tuesday)
Style: Needlepoint
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 11" x 6".
Ground: 18 Sandstone Canvas
Prework: NONE required
Color Choice: None

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During a total lunar eclipse the moon can turn a deep red, sometimes called a “blood moon” or a “copper moon”. For most of human history the moon was a huge mystery and when a copper moon occurs it still casts a spooky spell over the land. This design creates a band sampler of the varying colors of the landscape in the mountains during a lunar eclipse. Starting with the fabric mountain appliqué, and the hot foil technique to create the first layer of the copper moon with real metallic copper foil applied to a small piece of congress cloth which is then appliqued to the canvas, and finishing with the woven cross stitch border you will learn many stitches to form bands of color in the night sky. Over stitching on the copper metallic lends an eerie feel to the copper moon in this intermediate level design on 18ct mono sandstone canvas. Design size is approximately 11”x 6”.

Kit Contents: #18 sandstone canvas, second small piece of Congress cloth for moon, silk, cotton and metallic threads, needles, instruction booklet, beads and fabric

Student Supplies: 15” x 10” Stretcher Bars & 6” x 6” Stretcher Bars, ASSEMBLED; Pencil for notes & drawing outlines on paper & fabric #4 Pencil for drawing on canvas;  Tacks or Staples Tape to bind edges of canvas if desired; Scissors for thread cutting, paper cutting & for fabric cutting; Lighting, extension cord, magnification as desired Floor or table stand or frame weight to stabilize your piece while working; Laying Tool Normal stitching supplies.