These classes are available during Blue Bonnet Studio Time 2018 (February 17-20, 2018).  This information is being provided so that you may review class descriptions prior to making your final selection during the registration process.  Click on any picture to bring up a detailed version then put the mouse pointer within the picture to reveal the text.

Four-day Classes

Studio Time

Studio time is being handled within the Registration Fee, thus, it is separate from the classes requiring kits.  The are two Studio Time sessions in 2018 with Patricia Sone.  All Studio Time sessions are two days in length, but you can select two classes that total 4 days in length.

Studio Time Class

Studio Time with Patricia Sone

Teacher: Patricia Sone
501 Class days: February 17-18, 2018 (Saturday-Sunday)
502 Class days: February 19-20, 2018 (Monday-Tuesday)

Style: Any
Skill level: All Levels

Studio Time is an opportunity for students to stitch on their favorite project in a class setting.

Patricia Sone is a native of Dallas, Texas, and has been stitching since her early teen years.  She is passionate about learning and developing new stitches and techniques for needlepoint, and loves sharing her ideas with others.  

She was employed by Creative Stitches and gifts in Dallas, Texas for 5 years before resigning in early 2014 to pursue independent work. Patricia is a member of TNNA, EGA and ANG, and has a B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University.  

She taught at Destination Dallas in 2015; loves traveling and teaching Embellishment and Project classes at needlepoint shops across the country.  Patricia also enjoys working with designers and shops to develop special projects. 

If the teacher agrees to create a stitch guide with a thread list independently with her enrolled student, all business must be conducted outside of BBST and completed by December 15, 2017. No requests after December 15th will be considered by the teacher. This service is purely a courtesy performed by the teacher and is optional and not part of the Studio Time requirement.

Kit contents: Not applicable.

Supplies: Student brings their own project with all needed supplies and usual stitching supplies, light and magnifier, etc.