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The Commuter Fee ($350) will be added to your registration invoice if you chose not to stay at the Sugar Land Marriott at any time during your classes. ---------------- Blue Bonnet Studio reserves the right at any time without prior notification to cancel the Commuter option if in the best business interest of the company. If cancel you must reserve a room at the hotel, but the Commuter Fee would be refunded. ----------------
If you are enrolling in a class with multiple kits please indicate which kit you would like. Also, specify any classes you might be interested in taking in case your first class choice is not available.
A banquet will be held on Sunday during the retreat. Your registration fee includes access to this banquet. However, it does not include access for guests. Select the number of guests attending the banquet ($125 for each guest):
I agree to release Blue Bonnet Studio, LLC, its employees, owners, or agents from any liability for theft, property damage or personal injury while participating in or attending any or all functions or meetings involving the Blue Bonnet Studio Time 2020 event. *

Step 2:  Pay invoice once received.

  • After submitting your registration information, you will normally be contacted within 2 business days.

  • You will be registered when we receive payment.  

  • Your invoice will include sales tax in the amount of 8.25% of the kit prices you select.

  • The registration fee and Guest Banquet Tickets are not subject to sales tax.

Registration fee includes access to classes (kits sold separately) of your choice, access to the event area, access to the store, and the banquet. All other expenses, such as meals, lodging, extra banquet tickets, and kit fees, are not included in the registration fee.

Refund policy on all invoices involving the retreat:  

$200.00 is non-refundable!

If you cancel:

  1. Before July 1, of the year prior to the Retreat dates 100% of all fees are refundable, except $200;

  2. Between July 1 - October 1, of the year prior to the Retreat dates 50% of all fees are refundable, except $200; or

  3. After October 1, of the year prior to the Retreat dates all fees are non-refundable.

Payment schedule*

  1. At least the non-refundable $200.00 deposit must accompany registration if presented prior to the dates listed below.  After June 30th please follow the schedule in items (2) or (3) for the required minimum payment that must accompany your registration.

  2. 50% is due by July 1, of the year prior to the Retreat dates: i.e., registrations between July 1 - September 30, must include payment of at least 50% of all fees.

  3. 100% is due by October 1, of the year prior to the Retreat dates: i.e., registrations after September 30, must include full payment of all fees.

* - A limited number of monthly payment plans is available.   Please contacting Blue Bonnet Studio, LLC for more details.  

Commuter fee

Blue Bonnet Studio reserves the right to charge a Commuter fee for anyone attending the Retreat that choses not to be a housed within the Blue Bonnet Studio Time block of rooms during the Retreat.  This means an attendee must be a registered guest at the contracted hotel with a room within the contracted block during their entire time at the Retreat to avoid a commuter fee.  At the present time, but subject to change without notice, the Commuter fee is $350.00 regardless of the number of days attended.  The number of allowed commuters is very limited and non-commuters have priority over commuters in high-demand classes.  Blue Bonnet Studio reserves the right to cancel without notice the commuting option  

Step 3:  Make your hotel reservation.

You must contact the Sugar Land Marriott or Marriot Reservations to reserve your hotel room.

Reserve your room online by clicking here.


Call: (800) 228-9290 reservations.  Be sure to tell the representative that you are booking a reservation in the Sugar Land Marriott as part of the Blue Bonnet Studio Time group to get the special rate.

Sugar Land Marriott Town Square
16090 City Walk, Sugar Land, Texas 77479 USA