2019-202 Bunnies on Lavendar Lane

2019.202 Bunnies on Lavendar Lane-JC-1313.jpg
2019.202 Bunnies on Lavendar Lane-JC-1313.jpg

2019-202 Bunnies on Lavendar Lane


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Teacher:  Jo Ippolito Christensen
Class days: February 17-18, 2019 (Sunday-Monday)
Style: Stumpwork, detached canvas, felt padding, ribbon work, needle painting
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 8” x 9”
Ground: White 18ct Mono Canvas
Prework: NONE required.
Color Choice: None

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Day One will begin with the explanation of how color and families of stitches will create depth with the hills, the lane, the lavender flowers, and the sky. Students will have an opportunity to stitch those areas. The last topic demonstrated will be the detached canvas technique for making the leaves of the Hosta plant in the front. There will be time to make at least one leaf. Should students so desire, they may make more leaves for homework.

In the morning of Day Two, students will learn how to attach the leaves to the canvas. The day will continue with felt padding and needle painting on the bunnies. Instructions for the ribbon work for the flowers, the vine with leaves, and the Hosta blossoms (including stitching time) will close the day.

A comprehensive stitch guide with multiple color photos of the work in progress will be included in the kit.

Kit Content: White 18ct Mono canvas, all threads, beads, embellishments, needles, & instructions.

Students to Bring: Usual stitching supplies.