2019-205 Yes, I'm Special

2019.205 Yes, I'm Special-KS-1479.jpg
2019.205 Yes, I'm Special-KS-1479.jpg

2019-205 Yes, I'm Special


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Teacher:  Kimberly Smith
Class days: February 17-18, 2019 (Sunday-Monday)
Style: Needle weaving, cut turkey work, sequins|beads, string art
Skill level: Advanced Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 5” x 5”
Ground: hand painted 18ct needlepoint Canvas
Prework: NONE required.
Color Choice: None

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This stunning blinged-out peacock combines traditional needlepoint stitches with a dramatic interpretation of feathers and a subtle open background. The eyes of the feathers feature sequins attached with Swarovski crystals, and the crest is stitched in turkey work to add dimension to this proud bird.

Kit Content: hand painted 18ct canvas, stretcher bars, tacks, all threads, beads, embellishments, needles, & instructions.

Students to Bring: frame weights or clamps or a floor stand (to hold the framed piece), light for magnification if needed, John James sz 10 ballpoint beading needles, sharp tiny needlepoint scissors for cutting turkey work and usual stitching supplies.