2019-303 Cabaret

2019.303 Caberet-LK-1329.jpg
2019.303 Caberet-LK-1329.jpg

2019-303 Cabaret


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Teacher:  Lois Kershner
Class days: February19-20, 2019 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
Style: Canvas Embroidery
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 8” x 10”
Ground: 18ct Mono and Interlock canvas
Prework: NONE required.
Color Choice: None

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Join me at the Cabaret where we are entertained by a dazzling design that can be shifted in front of your very eyes. Magic you ask? Five individually mounted “topper” pieces can be shifted to different places creating a variety of different designs. More than a dozen stitches and nearly twenty threads and beads in red, white and black create a motif of squares and rectangles. Special techniques include coloring the canvas, attaching beads, and lacing. Finishing includes working with a magnetic board and magnets attaching beads, lacing, and finishing with magnets. Cabaret is the second in a series featuring designs that are meant to be moved.

Kit Content: 18ct Mono and interlock canvas, all threads, needles, beads, magnetic board, magnets, glue, precut mat board & instructions.

Students to Bring: 12” x 14” stretcher bars (1 pair each), 12” x 12” stretcher bars (2 pair), Black permanent ink marker, Frame stand, frame weight or clamps, Usual stitching supplies including laying tool, Magnification, light, extension cord (optional).