2019-402 Spirit of America

2019.402 Spirit of America-JC-1423.jpg
2019.402 Spirit of America-JC-1423.jpg

2019-402 Spirit of America


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Teacher:  Janet Casey

Class days: February 17-20, 2019 (Sunday-Wednesday)
Style: Canvas Embellishment, Beading
Skill level: Intermediate (?)
Finished Design Size: 17cm x 22cm
Ground: 18ct white Mono canvas
Color Choice: None

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The Spirit of America is a delightful patriotic train stitched on 18ct white Mono canvas.  This design includes an engine, a bell car, a box car, and a caboose.  Each car is stitched separately and the completed stand ups are attached to one another creating a whimsical holiday decoration.  Threads include Splendor Silks, Kreinik Metallics, Ribbon Floss, Neon Rays, Burmilana, Mandarin Floss, & Very Velvets.

Kit Contents: 4 canvases, threads, and attachments, instructions, and photos.

Student provides: usual stitching supplies.