2019-405 State of Splendour

2019.405 State of Splendour-AC-1334.jpg
2019.405 State of Splendour-AC-1334.jpg

2019-405 State of Splendour


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Teacher:  Alison Cole
Class days: February 17-20, 2019 (Sunday-Wednesday)
Style: Stumpwork embroidery
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 17cm x 22cm
Ground: Silk Satin
 The silk satin will be mailed out to students prior to class so that the frame can be prepared prior to class.  Instructions will be supplied.  I don’t mind what sort of frame the students use, so long as they can get it drum tight.
Color Choice: None

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This piece features a number of United States floral emblems:  Forget Me Not, California Poppy, Rocky Mountain Columbine, Violet, Louisiana Iris, Black Eyed Susan, Wild Prairie Rose and Indian Paintbrush.

In this workshop, students will work through transferring the design and padding the base embroidery with felt, soft cotton and combinations of stitches and then go onto working the many variations of detached elements used to create the design.

Cutting and applying the detached elements will also be covered as well as assembling and finishing the embroidery.  While students will not finish the piece in class, they will be well on the way and will have covered all of the techniques required to complete the piece.

Kit Contents: Silk Satin, Felt, Vleisofix, Organza, Au Ver a Soie Silks, Gumnut Yarns Silks, Cascade House Silks, Pipers Silks, Madeira Metallic, cake wires, bead wire, needles, instructions and photo.

Student provides: 18” Frame prepared with homespun and satin prior to class, 4” Hoop, 2 x 6” Hoops, Mechanical Pencil, Stylus or spent ballpoint pen, Pliers, Tweezers, Fine embroidery scissors, Scissors for cutting wire Clamp - optional but recommended, Hardcover book to use as a tracing support.