2020-206 Bubbles

2020.206 Bubbles-KS-.jpg
2020.206 Bubbles-KS-.jpg

2020-206 Bubbles


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Teacher:  Kimberly Smith
Class days: February 15-16, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday)
Style: Pulled, needle weaving, beading, needlepoint
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 2" x 8" with ribbon, 2" x 4" without ribbon
Ground: 18 ct mono canvas
Color Choice: NONE

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Under construction.  

Basic knowledge of tubular peyote is required to be successful at this project.  

Kit Contents: hand painted canvas and stretcher bars, threads, ribbon, beads, and sequins required to complete the project.

Student provides: Usual stitching supplies.