2020-305 Bee Contained

2020.305 Bee Contained-BM-5585.jpg
2020.305 Bee Contained-BM-5585.jpg

2020-305 Bee Contained


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Teacher:  Betsy Morgan
Class days: February 17-18, 2020 (Monday-Tuesday)
Style: counted thread.
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
Finished Design Size:
box is hexagonal and is about 3 1/2 by 5 1/2, others fit inside box.
32 count linen
Prework: 4-6 houys required.
Color Choice: None

Ghosting this class is not allowed by the teacher.

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Bee Contained is a hexagonal bee themed etui box which contains several small stitching tools - a scissor fob, needle book, thread waxer, pin cushion, ruler and thread winder.  The kit includes all supplies needed to complete the design including 32 count linen, silk Dupioni lining fabric, Gloriana silk flosses and ribbons, buttons and charms, wool felt, pearl cotton and all construction supplies.  The pin cushion and the needle book are pre-stitched and constructed in class.  Also included is a demonstration on making two-color twisted cords and tassels.  No stretcher bars needed in class.

Kit Content: everything needed to complete the design including 32 count linen, black silk Dupioni lining fabric, interfacing, skirtex, comic board, DMC pearl cotton, wool felt, Gloriana silk ribbon, MOP buttons, assorted bee buttons and charms, beeswax, needles, full color charts, very thorough instructions and Gloriana 12 ply silk floss in 2 colors.

Students to Bring:  usual stitching supplies (scissors, pins, etc) and light and magnification as needed.