2020-402 Stitching History

2020.402 Stitching History-AC-5615.jpg
2020.402b Stitching History-AC-red fabric.JPG
2020.402 Stitching History-AC-5615.jpg
2020.402b Stitching History-AC-red fabric.JPG

2020-402 Stitching History


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Teacher:  Alison Cole

Class days: February 15-18, 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday)
Style: Stumpwork & Goldwork
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 16cm x 9cm
Ground: Printed Silk Habutai or red silk
Background Choice: a color photo or red fabric

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Stitching History is a four day class that takes you through five centuries of embroidery styles.  In our trip through time, we will look at some of the stitches found in the Elizabethan, Stuart, Regency and Victorian eras before landing in our own time.  Many of the elements are raised embroidery and it is worked on a printed silk background using a range of silk and metal threads.

Kit Contents: calico, delustered satin, printed silk habutai or red silk, cotton homespun, silk and metal threads, wires, needles, photo and instructions.

Student provides: Stretcher bars/frame – 8” and 10” – with tacks (fabric size is 8.5” x 11”), 4” hoop, 6” hoop, White or yellow dressmaker’s carbon, Mechanical pencil, Stylus or spent ballpoint pen, Beeswax, Fine embroidery scissors, Fine scissors for cutting metal threads and wires Cutting pad – velvet covered card or soft bead mat, Magnifier, Clamp – optional but recommended.