2020-405 Wishful Thinking

2020.405 Wishful Thinking-ASK-5536.jpg
2020.405 Wishful Thinking-ASK-5536.jpg

2020-405 Wishful Thinking


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Teacher:  Ann Strite-Kurz

Class days: February 15-18, 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday)
Style: Mixed media canvas
Skill level: Advanced Intermediate
Finished Design Size: 10.5” x 12.25”
Ground: 18ct Santa Fe green Mono canvas
 3-4 hours
Dog Choice: Scottie (as shown) or Westie. See below for other terriers.

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BORDER. The main border is composed of alternating squares of four-way Mirrored Milanese units in two shades of green pearl cotton. These are further embellished by zigzag rows of red velour and red Petite Sparkle Rays with large Upright Crosses in fine gold metallic at certain inside intersections. The outside edging has zigzag rows of Smyrna Cross and Mirrored Double Tent pairs in red #8 pearl cotton. Additional pairs are also added in white Petite Sparkle Rays and gold beads placed with brick stitches provide the finishing touch. A charted view of the border is included later in the proposal.

PACKAGES. The stack of Christmas gifts in different sizes are decorated with a variety of bold and bright geometric composite patterns to suggest the gift wrap. Many of these are allover diapers but I included one monochromatic grounding and one stripe to illustrate other styles of pattern. Some of the ribbon and bow treatments include French knots, spider webs and ruche pleating but two of the boxes have elegant striped ribbons with couched rows.

STOOL. The stool base is executed in Burden stitch using black floss tiedowns over black metallic laid rows. The stool legs are smaller so a smaller scale Tramed Brick is used in the same combination of threads. The cushion on the stool is a Parisian variation using four different ribbons.

SCOTTIE DOG WITH SWEATER. I chose a Scottie for the dog because they are commonly featured in holiday designs dressed in Scottish plaids. A back stitch outline is used to place the dog, and instead of a plaid, I designed a diamond argyle pattern for the sweater. The collar and cuffs are stitched in Encroaching Gobelin. The dog's coat is shaded using three strands of Burmilana blend in black, charcoal gray and medium gray. Different amounts of the colors are combined in the needle to produce the desired effect NOTE: Anyone who requests another terrier will have to make the necessary changes on their own (a Schnauzer would be easy).  Ann will give them a refund on the Scottie threads and provide sources for ordering the appropriate Burmilana thread substitutions needed.

PRE WORK. Some vertical and horizontal basting lines must be established and the inside edging of the border will be placed prior to class to enable students to place the packages and dog accurately.

Kit Contents: All materials needed to complete the design plus a detailed instruction booklet with a color copy of the finished model on the cover and several detail views.

Student provides: 15" X 17" stretcher frame, embroidery scissors, laying tool, clamp or frame weight to secure the stretcher frame to the working table, plus any other normal accessories needed to work on an 18-count ground (light, magnifier, etc.).