Japanese Embroidery Frame (threaded dowels)

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Japanese Embroidery Frame (threaded dowels)

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We are proud to offer this unique item that is manufactured by John Sinton at our location.  John has been making wood produces for Japanese Embroidery for 20 plus years. He is a master woodworker with decades of experience on many types of projects, including furniture, tools for Japanese embroidery, cabinets, boxes, etc.


John modified the traditional Japanese Embroidery Frame replacing the stretcher bars with threaded dowels and wooden hex nuts.  This change greatly improves ones ability to easily set the tension in the weft direction with the nuts.  All frames are made with high quality hardwood and sanded to a smooth surface.  The wood is left unfinished.  Two nails are provided to lock the tension in the warp direction.  Assembly is similar to the traditional frame.  

Prices vary by the type of wood.  It is possible to custom order one specific wood, in which case we will provide a price quote.  Simply contact the woodworker John Sinton.

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Fabric limitations

The SMALL (15") Frame is designed to hold fabric no wider than about 8" and no longer than about 10".

The REGULAR (29") Frame is designed to hold fabric no wider than 15" and no longer than 21".  The 15" width represents standard width Japanese kimono fabric.  

The LARGE (40") Frame is designed to hold fabric no wider than 15" and lengths greater than 21".  Fabrics longer than 24" can be rolled onto the split dowels so the LARGE frame can accommodate significantly longer fabric.  

Special order frames can be made to handle fabric sizes greater than those listed above.