Mary Alice learned Hawaiian quilting under Debora Kakalia, a world renowned designer of Hawaiian quilts.

Mala Pua Aloha, Garden of Aloha

In February 1991 “MALA PUA ALOHA, GARDEN OF ALOHA” became one of the 24 winners in the Museum of American Folk Art’s “America’s Flower Garden” contest and opened at their Museum in New York City on June 20th thru Sept. 15th, 1991. It is part of the MAFA permanent collection and was featured in “Glorious American Quilts”- June 1996.

The Smithsonian Institution has now acquired the MAFA collections.

Aloha Pumehana, My Warmest Aloha

"Aloha Pumehana, My Warmest Love" Quilt chosen as one of the 41 finalist in QNM Visions of the World contest April 1988 and debuted in May 1988 at the premiere Quilt Expo Europa held in Salzburg, Austria. Later exhibited in the USA at the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ in April 1989.

White House Tree Skirt 1993-2000

A quilter from each state was asked to create a panel for the White House Blue Room Christmas Tree Skirt in the fall of 1993 during the Bill Clinton administration. I was selected by White House decorator Nancy Clarke, to create the Oklahoma panel. Each panel displayed the state, the capital, the state bird & tree plus a unique form of art native to that state. I chose to include Osage Indian Ribbon work on the sides.

(L-R : Fall 1993 before being assembled. Christmas 1999 @ White House)
(Below: Christmas 1999 @ White House)

Sweet Remembering, Kama'aina Keiki

"Sweet Remembering.... Kama'aina Keiki" Crib Quilt won First Place for Oklahoma in the Museum of American Folk Art's Memories of Childhood Contest fall 1988. Dedicated to my son Peter M Sinton, MD a Kama'aina Keiki (Island born child) born King Kamehameha Day in Honolulu, Hawaii

Baskets of Love & Joy

"Baskets of Love & Joy" Quilt was juried and hung at the AQS 1988 show Paducah, KY and debuted in May 1988 at the premiere Quilt Expo Europa held in Salzburg, Austria.


"Columbine" Quilt featured in QUILT ART '88 ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR

Favorite Flowers of Hawaii

Mary Alice designed this wall quilt together with "Aunty" Debbie Kakalia as a 1981 Mother's Day gift featuring my favorite flowers: torch ginger, plumeria, orchid, hibiscus, blue ginger and maile leis.

Hapa-Haule Pineapple Hawaiian Wall Quilt

Hapa-Haule Pineapple Hawaiian Wall Quilt means half-patchwork and half Hawaiian applique in traditional red & white colors.

Iris Hawaiian Pillow

This Iris Hawaiian Pillow (22" sq.) was a gift from my teacher and friend the late Deborah Kakalia of Honolulu, HI

Maui Lokelani Lei Wall Quilt

Maui Lokelani Lei Wall Quilt