We ship most orders through the United States Postal Service (USPS) using "Flat Rate" Priority mail.  Heavy or large items are shipped using USPS or UPS.  If an order can be filled with available stock we will ship as soon as possible.  Orders that contain out-of-stock items or special order items will be shipped as soon as all items are received from our suppliers.  

Please contact us if you have special requirements regarding such things as the shipping method or the delivery address.


Q. I'm a beginner so what embroidery classes should I start with?

A. Mary Alice teaches Japanese style embroidery (silk thread on silk fabric) and Japanese style bead embroidery.  If you are interested in embroidery beginner classes can be found under SILK.  If on the other hand your interest in in bead embroidery beginner classes can be found under BEADING. Class dates and time can be found in EVENTS.   If you have additional questions please call 713.849.9848 or email us.

Q. I represent a Needle Arts group and we would like to have Mary Alice speak and/or teach at our location.  How do we get in contact with her?

A. Mary Alice can be contact at 713.849.9848 or 281.685.0876 or  She would be very happy to discuss your needs with you.  

Q. Where and when does Mary Alice teach?

A. Class dates and time can be found in EVENTS.

Q. What classes does Blue Bonnet Studio offer?

A. We offer an extensive set of classes in Japanese (silk thread on silk fabric) style embroidery, Japanese style bead embroidery, and Hawaiian style applique quilting.  The complete list of classes is conveniently split between SILK, BEADING and APPLIQUE.  All classes are taught be Mary Alice Sinton.

Q. How do I contact you if I want to purchase a customized frame, stand or other item from your store?

A. John Sinton, the woodworker who makes all of our custom wood products, can be contacted at 713.849.9848 or 832.875.5521 or  He is happy to discuss your custom item.